Haya-Die Casting Solutions

We have the ability and confidence to provide you with a wide variety of component solutions.

Solution for zinc alloy die castings Solution for aluminum alloy die castings
Haya can mass produce parts from 0.1g to 1000g. Lightweight,high strength and rigidity as well was good corrosion.
Optimal solutions betwwen Multi-Slide die casting and conventional hot chamber die casting. Use conventional cold chamber die casting technology for aluminum parts.
Provide best suitable machine from varies types of machines we own. Excellent EMI shielding properties.
Perfect system, providing you with the whole process from mold design to manufacturing. >Good stability and oxidation resistance. anti-rust,snd good corrosion resistance.
Big density,good weight and texture,better strength than plastic injection. Good conductivity.
Good castability,cast complex ,thin-wall precision parts with smooth surface. More suitable to achieve high precision through post process.
Do not absorb iron when melting and die-casting, do not corrode contour plate, do not stick mould. Good surface finish

Characteristics of zinc alloys

Grade Ultimate tensile strength (MPa) Impact stress (J) Elongation coefficient (% in 50mm) Brinell hardness (HB,500Kg) Shear strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa,-0.2%) Fatigue strength (MPa,5×108cycles) Pressure yield (MPa,-0.1%)
Zamak2 359 47 7 100 317 283 59 641
Zamak3 283 58 10 82 214 221 48 414
Zamak5 331 65 7 91 262 269 57 600
Zamak8 372 42 6-10 95-110 275 290 103 252

Characteristics of aluminum alloys

Japan Grade USA Grade Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation coefficient (%,51mm) Brinell hardness (BHN) Shear strength (MPa) Impact strength (MPa) Fatigue strength (MPa) Young modulus psi×106(GPa)
ADC10 A380 47 23 3.5 80 190 4 140 71
ADC12 A383 45 22 3.5 75 - 4 145 71

We can provide solutions for many industry customers and their products.

AUTOMOBILE Building and door/window parts
Lock core, handle, remote control key parts, LOGO, car lock system fittings, rearview mirror fittings, wiper fittings, AV system fittings, control box, lamp system parts, air conditioning system components and so on. Lockset parts, aluminium alloy frame parts, gears, motors and related parts, handles, lamps and lanterns housings.
Consumer electronics Automation equipment
Thermostats, timers, coffee machines, electronic thermometers, electric shavers, camcorders, cameras, cd/dvd, gas equipment, bookbinding equipment, television sets, washing machines, refrigerators and other equipment parts. Switches, encoder components, stepper motor parts, inverter components, PLC components, stroke switches, micro switches, various buttons, fasteners, tight structures, etc.
Hardware industry Fashion appearance parts
Fittings, supports, handles, hinges, tools, panels, locks, etc. Buttons, zippers, signs, LOGO, clothing accessories, eyewear accessories, headwear accessories, handicrafts accessories, display items, and so on.
Communications Hydraulic pneumatic parts
Connector, antenna, micro switch, optical fiber shell, potentiometer, hard disk read-write head bracket, radiator, optical head support. Connector, antenna, micro switch, optical fiber shell, potentiometer, hard disk read-write head bracket, radiator, optical head support.

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