Company profile

2006 Company established. From the beginning, we focused the

manufacturer of high precision zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die

casting parts.

2008 Have 7 sets of equipments.

Aug. 2009 Certified by ISO9001:2008.

Jun. 2010 Certified by ISO/TS16949:2009.

2010 Have 10 sets of equipments.

2012 Company expanded and relocated kunshan,floor space 5,600m2.

2014 Have 14 sets of equipments.

2018 Certified by ISO/TS16949:2016.

Untill now , we have 28 sets of die casting equipments, include 13 sets of TECHMIRE multiple slide die casting machines.

Production capacity of 300,000 times per day.

126 employees

Capacity for die casting 0.1g~1000g parts.

Highest accuracy up to + 0.01mm.

Outstanding mold design and manufacture.

Design and manufacture highly difficult complex parts and surface treatment parts with high requirements and mass production.

Covering industries: automotive, consumer electronics, medical, hardware, computers, communications and furniture accessories.

Contact us

Tel:0512-36889300    Fax:0512-36889313    Cell:18963676999

Address:Bd.7 No.505 Kunkai Road Jinxi Town Kunshan City Jiangsu Province